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ScribeWell, one of the fastest-growing medical transcription companies in the United States, recently expanded its services for end to end solutions in the Workers Compensation arena. Known for having the highest customer retention rate in the industry – 100%, ScribeWell has pioneered in the legal field aiming to provide exceptional results to law firms that represent clients who have been injured on the job, wrongfully terminated, discriminated, and generally prejudiced while at the office.

ScribeWell first ventured into the legal field in February of 2011. The company started with back office tasks like data entry, labels and attachments, mileage computation, and case analyses with AMA-Guided impairment ratings.

In 2012 ScribeWell signed up with another client, further expanding its reach for end to end solutions in the Workers Compensation field by filing applications for adjudication of claims.

A few months later, ScribeWell signed up with document management service companies and interpreting services companies. Tasks entail sending out and following up on subpoena requests and billing.

ScribeWell now handles services offering appointment scheduling, pre-authorization for medical services, and accounts and receivables follow up.

ScribeWell continues to broaden its presence in various industries, expecting its employees to reach 200 full time
employees in the next few months. In response to the needs of its clientele, ScribeWell is now venturing to social media
marketing, website development and maintenance, content management system, and search engine optimization.

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