Highly Qualified Compliance Employees At a Fraction of The Cost!

Save the sanity of your staff! Free your people of stressful compliance tasks, so they can provide more quality patient care. As a trusted globalprovider of compliance support, ScribeWell offers nearly 10 years of experience in Workers’ Camp claims and these unique advantages:

Available on demand,
scalable to your needs

99%+ accuracy on all
medical records and tasks

24/7 service, turn-around
by next business morning

Multiple daily updates
on status of requests

Working with your
current system and workflow

HIPAA Compliant
security standards

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  • The people at Scribewell have treated me like family, and yet they provide excellent service. So you not only get the comfort of family friendliness, you also get the efficiency of a large corporation.

    Laurie Michlin, APN Athen Medical Center
  • Their work is consistently high quality and done in timely fashion. We foresee a favorable future together.

    Stuart Zubrick PhD Industrial Healthcare
  • Excellent job! I have worked with several transcribers and they just did not care about the quality of their work. It is very soothing to know that I have found a very reliable transcribing family to work with!

    Jonathan Norzagaray
  • In my line of work, post-op care is crucial to patient recovery, and the Scribewell Allirti&Trade; technology enables me to provide my patients with the appropriate rehabilitation information in video format any time.

    David Flood, MD Orthopedic Surgeon
  • ScribeWell Workers Compensation transcriptions have been accurate and delivered with a fast turn around time. ScribeWell employs staff who are knowledgeable in the Workers Compensation arena and medical laws.

    Satish Kadaba MD Orthopedic Surgeon
  • I have been using ScribeWell’s Workers Compensation transcription services for years. The turn-around-time is dependable. I appreciate their reliability in their file management, secure exchange of information, and adjusting to varying dictation volume levels in my practice. ScribeWell has been able to continue to provide support for me for initial reports, PQMEs, and PR-2s.

    Ashley Woolsmith, DC
  • ScribeWell is a phenomenal group of people that understands the angst and frustration that comes with Workers Compensation pre-operative reports. ScribeWell provides high quality service, fast turn around time, and their staff works closely with me to make sure they are meeting my needs and expectations!

    Morton Scheinbaum, MD
  • The interactive nature of ScribeWell Alirti&Trade; system enables me to dialog with my colleagues via text messages for urgent consultation while I am away at the office.

    David Flood, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon

ScribeWell On-Demand Digital Support Services

On-Demand End-To-End Solutions


Medical Transcription

Customized Transcription Solutions That Deliver 98+% Accuracy with World-Class Service and Fast Turn-Arounds


Medical Transcription

Customized Transcription Solutions That Deliver 98+% Accuracy with World-Class Service and Fast Turn-Arounds

Workers Compensation 2-opt

Workers’ Compensation

Highly Qualified Workers’ Comp Employees at a Fraction of the Cost!

Digital Marketing-opt

Digital Marketing

This integrated “right-sourced” approach allows us to do much more high-impact brand marketing for you, very cost-effectively.



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Immigration Law

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